I have an to create platform for applications testing and getting feedback. Please, check this out (a little quiz on forms)


It’s will help me to better understand an applications owners needs. Write in the comments what do think about. And feel to pm me.

What problem we solve?
This is a web-based service for testing web-sites and applications.

1) We are doing alpha/beta tests and hunting all bugs that pass to production. We finding bugs during the all life circle of your .

2) We are providing a feedback from users and customers for make your product better. We looking for users that can tell about his using experience.

Our mission?
Is prevent losing a customers and make products better. We are going to check out you application from user side get feedback and hunt all bugs.

How does it works?
You submit your application to out site and we provide testers (professional testers and just early users). You can pay for complex testing or for every rapport.

Now I’m going to know, is someone need for this service? Please, fill this form to give me this info. It would be great if you share this.
Thank you for you time.

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