Before you do anything, decide what you will do if you find out that he is on you. If the answer is nothing, then is it something you need to know?Think about why you have that feeling. Does it have a rational basis?Think about what divulging that feeling might mean to your relationship. It implies that you do not trust him; what if you’re wrong? How will he feel? How will you feel? You need to keep this in mind for every step that follows 4, below.Figure out your next steps if step 5 ‘fails’ (you feel as though you did not get a truthful answer, or for some other reason).Ask. Not on the way to work, or in the bathroom as you’re blow-drying your hair; find a good time when you are able to both talk openly, and ask him. Tell him why you are asking, and how you feel.If you feel you need to dig further do so. Remember, you are damaging a trusting relationship every time you decide to take it any further, but it is entirely up to you.therealsachinbatt (at) gmail com can help you find out easily.. he will solve all your problems related to spying and getting information hack anything…

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