We’re about two into launching, and now we’ve a wall with getting insurance coverage on our platform. Our app is a two sided marketplace for on-demand services. On here you can schedule rides, get food delivered from any restaurant, errand services, etc. Combining uber with craigslist basically. All of the payments are handled through the app, all the scheduling, etc.
Recently we found out that it is almost impossible to get coverage for what we do. We can either get liability insurance similar to TaskRabbits, delivery insurance like seamless, or the type that uber has. NOT all three. In addition, with rides you need a TNC license, and in order to even get the TNC license you have to be insured. Chicken or the egg problem here.
My question is how does Craigslist for example get away with giving each other rides, or airtasker in Australia having every single type of different services. We’re really stuck here and don’t know what to do. Thanks for any or advice!

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