In this episode:  Todd and David kick things off bantering about cell phones, Android rot, and the good old days of XP and piracy.  Todd17;s colleague Eric gets us back on track with a discussion about trusting proven technologies, not chasing the latest fads, how TrackJS is able to provide an utility on a modern codebase, and more.  Enjoy!

  • Animated 3D Flipping Menu with CSS
  • Send Text Messages with PHP

    Kids these days, I tell ya.  All they care about is the .  The video games.  The bottled water.  Oh, and the texting, always the texting.  Back in my day, all we had was…OK, I had all of these things too.  But I still don’t get…

  • MooTools, mediaboxAdvanced, and Mexico

    The lightbox is probably one of my favorite parts of the Web 2.0 revolution. No more having to open new windows (which can bog down your computer quite a bit) to see a larger image, video, etc. Instead, the item loads right into the…

  • Duplicate the jQuery Homepage Tooltips Using MooTools

    The jQuery homepage has a pretty suave tooltip-like effect as seen below: Here’s how to accomplish this same effect using MooTools. The XHTML The above XHTML was taken directly from the jQuery homepage — no changes. The CSS The above CSS has been slightly modified to match the CSS rules already…

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