Hey Guys! Just wanted to give a quick to you guys from the Dev team

Bots – Waiting for friends to join or for lobbies to fill up? Call a bot for backup! Host can now add bots into the match before your friends show up. Fight with or against them as you practice your aim.

Free-For-All Deathmatch – We’ve added another game mode for after personal victories. Battle it out in a free for all deathmatch where the player with the highest score after time runs out wins!

Discord Channel

We have started a Discord channel for those of you who are looking for others to play with. Some of us (the devs) are also on from time to time if you would like chat or play with us!

For details on the updates, visit this our steampage- http://steamcommunity.com/games/763430/announcements/detail/1654380436143882695

P.S. We have heard your feedback and we are currently hard at work to implement smooth locomotion. It’s currently our main priority as we try to iron out all the kinks. Please bear with us as we plan to release it in our next major update! 🙂

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