New Video Course: Better User Stories - Discover and Deliver What Customers Really Want

In March I released some videos in advance of the initial launch of Better , an in-depth video course that will help you master the nuances and complexities of user .

Registration to the full course will open soon, so we’re making these video available once again.

The mini-course tackles some of the most critical challenges with user stories, including story-mapping, story-writing workshops, splitting stories, and adding the right amount of detail.

Please note: This is free but will only be available for the next 2 weeks

The first video is available today and you get instant once you register. You’ll also receive an email to find out when the next free video is available.

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Video 1: Three for Successful Story Mapping in a Story-Writing Workshop

Training time: 20 minutes.

Having a robust, step-by-step system in the early stages of writing user stories eliminates many problems further down the line. Some agile rely on one person to write user stories, but this can result in stories that are more prescriptive than those created and owned by the team.

But getting a team engaged in writing user stories isn’t always easy either. Who should be included? And how can you guide the team so that you have actionable items, not just endless discussions?

The first video in the free series deals with these problems, and gives you a strong foundation for running a successful story-writing workshop.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • Two real-life examples that illustrate two common problems: asking for too much or too little engagement when writing user stories.
  • Who you need to invite to your story-writing workshop (and why this guest list can save you a lot of time later on when planning iterations.)
  • A simple, powerful way to visualize the relationships between stories
  • How to stay focused on the user’s needs at all times
  • Techniques to help you prioritize and plan stories, fast.

Don’t forget, you can also ask questions and comment on the training on the same page where you registered.

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