Cricket One produces the most sustainable and affordable protein from crickets by developing technology and process to rear crickets intensively on agricultural by-products.

According to the latest United Nation report, the current world population of 7.6 billion is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 20.

To accommodate these numbers, current food production will need to almost double, leading to unsustainable greenhouse and gas emissions.

We met Bicky Nguyen, co-founder of One, who explained to us how crickets can be an alternative protein supply which requires fewer inputs such as lands and water but gives more output in term of efficiency compared to traditional livestock productions and is more environmentally friendly.

M: ”So Bicky, can you tell us why Cricket One is getting so much attention from and press?

Cricket One is working to solve the problem of food mentioned above providing a sustainable and effective way to produce proteins.

We create an ecosystem as well as leverage the circular economy operating around available resources in term of manpower, equipment, and input-ingredient to supply the most sustainable and affordable protein to the market.

M: “ Can you tell us more about Cricket One?”

Cricket One is an ingredient supplier to food, functional food, pet food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical producers. We develop the technologies, which include both facility and farming to make cricket protein become a new global market.

There are two parts of our solution.

We first compact 100sq m traditional farm into a 40ft abandoned shipping container wherein we design and install a self-grown system that imitating the natural growing condition of crickets. With this design, we eliminate most of the alien risks affecting the colony, at the same limit human mistake by taking maximum 20 minutes of human involvement in the farming activity. We call it Breeding Unit, which includes climate control censoring system controlled by platform. Each Breeding Unit is assigned with an ID number, so we can trace precisely each batch coming out. The brilliant thing is that the production of one unit is as much as a 100sq m farm!

M: “How Cricket One is different from other crickets’ farms?”

While most of the current players are feeding crickets with commercial animal feeds or other competitive protein based feeds, we are the only one feeding crickets with the agricultural leftover.

We developed technology that allows leftover cassava turning to be rich protein subtract and we feed our crickets with that. By doing this, we can turn “supposed to be burnt waste” into money. One of the common saying we use to talk to the local cassava farmers that “do not burn your money”.

Our business model is to facilitate the local farmers with breeding units at no cost, give them the training to employ our technology to transform available cassava waste into input feeding. Then what they have to next is just to get inside the breeding unit and put them on designated trays, go out and close the door. At the harvesting time, we send the truck to collect the output and process into protein powder at our industrial scale processing house. Joining our system, they can increase their income up to 5 times.

At the end of the day, we are just not a protein supplier but also trying to create jobs, eradicating poverty but also to stop them from burning waste. Just imagine with 550,000 hectares of cassava and they all burn the leftover in the same month.

In addition, with our technology and business plan, we are able to erupt and reform the current cricket protein market. We come to the market with the pricing scheme which is less than half what they are paying, at 7 days lead-time. On top of that, our cricket protein flour is also joining us to make a strong positive impact on climate change, global food security and create a job for millions of local farmers in the rural area of Vietnam.

M: “What are your future milestones?”

With our current facility, we can produce more than 3 tons finished product per month. With this quantity, we can be considered a medium size supplier. With the growth of the market, we are urging to triple our production in next six months by rolling out 80 more breeding unit to local farmers and upgrading our processing facility to serve the input from farming. Our target in the next 4 years is to be the leading premium supplier in this market and to make cricket protein is more affordable and accessible to the mass market.

Aligning with our production, we are ambitious and optimist to launch our R&D plan to have more value-added products from crickets such as hydrolysis amino acid concentrate for fitness and clinical nutrition industries, refined cricket oil for cosmetics and pharmaceutical. To share with you, CricketOne is a zero waste business, the frass collected from farming can also be used to manufacture organic soluble fertilizer. We obtain a collaboration with a Vietnamese fertilizer company now to work on it.

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