The blockchain has already started to break the geographical borders, and is the latest and an example of this trend. It is a blockchain based lottery platform launched on January 1, 2018, provides a truly global pool of customers, including even those belonging to the regions where lotteries are banned. While the corporate world is catching up with the blockchain revolution, the lottery world is also embracing the blockchain with the advent of Fire .

About Fire Lotto

Fire Lotto, is the world’s first decentralized lottery platform that is developed on Ethereum (ETH) contracts and characterized by complete transparency. The distributed, decentralized blockchain provides many opportunities for fintech innovation as well as the modernization of gaming .

The platform ensures that 70% of the ticket sales goes to the jackpot and the winners are paid right after the draw to their ETH wallets. Fire Lotto was recently launched on January 1, 2018, starting with 4 popular lottery games. The lotteries are 4/20, 5/36 and 6/45 and Roger’s Wheel, with ticket cost starting from $2.

Based on demand, Fire Lotto will be able to add more popular lottery games to draw in a greater number of players who will be able to access the platform from any device, without the need for any app. At present, interested users can join the platform by investing in company’s token pre-sale or as a participant in the lottery. Fire Lotto private token pre-sale is going-on and will end by January 15, 2018, while the main ICO will start from March 15, 2018 and end by April 15, 2018.

The platform pays 10% commission to FLOT token holders, which becomes their continuous source of crypto-income. The prize pool grows into millions of dollars with endless operations. The proposed lottery employs a random number generation (RNG) method this is fair and secure, preventing all kinds of fraud and manipulation. The platform executes a fully secure RNG method based on the existing version of Bitcoin decentralized protocol. Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be faked. There is no possibility of system abuse since Fire Lotto is anonymous.

The players enter the lottery site with a familiar, user-friendly interface, where they can purchase an almost infinite number of lottery tickets and select numbers for each. Payments for tickets are enabled in one click via user’s cryptocurrency wallet.

The anonymity factor of playing over Fire Lotto platform implies that players from any part of the world can play without any worries. One of the added incentives for Fire Lotto tickets holders is taxation. Unlike traditional lotteries, there is no tax or hidden charges that take the shine off winning the jackpot.

Fire Lotto is also the first community owned lottery since it cannot be banned. Users need just an access and their cryptocurrency wallet to play it.  The transparent referral program of Fire Lotto lets investors earn up to 15% cashback for each ticket sold.

To know more about Fire Lotto and participate in its on-going pre-sale, please visit


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