is a great and powerful tool but lately it started to get slow with plenty of downtimes. Additionally, the tool is really time-taking to setup. Not much has been done to improve the UI/UX.

We decided to build our own. Codegiant is a faster and lighter to JIRA, with more emphasis on ease of use and minimal setup required.

With this, you can literally start filing issues within just 2 mins. It works out of the box, without complex workflow setup and configuration. Moreover, developers love the tool as it has -in repositories, continuous integration and documentation.

We would love to get the community’s feedback on what we have built so far! We have various plans for the roadmap (to be published soon), but feel our core product is ready to be used day to day by small software development .

We wanted a & faster JIRA alternative, built our own, can we get some community feedback?

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