Hi everyone, I am new to this subreddit and I came because I think you guys can have good advice. I own a 2yo company with two friends. We have each 33% of the firm. One of my associates got an expected call today from a /rich who wants to in my company. We did not discuss much as of now but plan on talking with him more seriously about it. However we guess he wants to a big amount of money in exchange of some shares. I know we could use money from someone but I am not very keen on selling shares. I don’t really know much about management and investments right now as I am still just a student but I’d say I don’t really have confidence in people I don’t know, and even less given that I don’t know much about contracts/firms laws.

Is there any alternative to selling shares ? How would you react in this situation ? What would you/should I look for that could be potential /threats? Also what other would you see in that except money ?

Thank you for your help.

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