Finally the most awaited idea in Holographical, Euclideon the multi-user is ready to be out in the market.  All the existing computer generated holograms, require some sort of glasses. But these glasses offer only a single person view and even do not showcase the spot-on backward direction view. Such glasses are hence not very useful in bringing out the actual holographic content in the 3D environment.

After years of research and investments, Euclideon holographic has finally developed ’s first multi-user hologram table.  This hologram table has an immense capability to display 3D digital models of buildings and cities as a miniature.It also allows to select some particular object and zoom it or move around freely.

Benefits of Hologram Tables

  • These tables can work on terabytes of data efficiently.
  • It is compatible with nearly every 3D source like cloud data, laser scans, photogrammetry, polygon data, etc.
  • Takes even less than a second to load even huge models.
  • Several hologram tables can run their content from a central server or over the internet.

Potential Uses of Hologram Tables

Because of the value of Geospatial field, Euclideon holographic table would be soon seen having its application in the majority of industries.

  • Architecture: Hologram Tables have a wide scope in architecture for designing, comparing, demonstrating, editing, etc. models of buildings.
  • Military and Response Planning: They can have a wide use in deploying the course of action using the building, cities, areas, etc. models.
  • Large Asset : They can also be deployed to run scans, plan work, or convey the idea to clients about the large assets like railroads, power lines, roads, etc.
  • Artifact Display and Study: They can be used to display, study and analyze artifacts without having any risk of damaging them.

The Euclideon holographic table is expected to mark the beginning of a new era of Augmented reality and will be available in . Hope to see a wide spectrum of uses of this incredible shortly.

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