and have a history that may not be known by many people familiar with the . Many people know it was Vitalik Buterin who was the brainchild and co-founder of this but don’t know he actually attended Waterloo University. Vitalik was born in Russia and his father was a computer scientist but the family emigrated to Canada when he was 6.  Vitalik attended elementary school in Ontario and was placed in the gifted program mostly due to his strong understanding of mathematics.  For four years Vitalik attended a private high school in Toronto and then chose to attend University in Waterloo. Vitalik never graduated the university but instead dropped out and focused his fulltime attention on after winning $0,000 from the Thiel Fellowship. At this point, it was back to Toronto. In 2013 a white paper proposing was published.

At the time Vitalik was a co-founder and writer for a magazine the focused on . This was the second time he had written for a magazine about and continued to do so up until 2014. Vitalik felt was lacking a scripting language for application development and formed a proposal for a new platform and Ethereum was born.

“This technology has the potential to change everything.”– Alex Tapscott, NextBlock Global

Joseph Lubin the other co-founder of Ethereum is also a Canadian entrepreneur and has spent a lot of time working in Toronto. Joseph was involved in the creation of the Ethereum Foundation, a Toronto based non-profit organization. This organization primary focus was to watch over the ethereum infrastructure and ensure it was working fairly and properly.

Canada to continue as a leader

It’s really exciting to have Toronto as a leader in this sector. The ethereum standard is quickly becoming more and more popular as billion dollar companies continue to embrace it. Looking forward to Canada should continue to be a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation in this sector and it will be interesting to see how the Banks will react to Ethereum. The is the future in my opinion but I can see why the Banks will not like this platform. The allows people to send and receive money through the internet without Banks. I am not just referring to just buying crypto-cats here but changing the way we move, store and assets altogether. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency but a platform that entire companies can be built on, markets created and even countries run on. The possibilities are truly endless.

“Two-thirds of all new companies that are built in this sector are now being built using the ethereum standard,” – Alex Tapscott, NextBlock Global

The future looks very bright for ethereum and Canada to continue to have a seat at the table as a leader in how the Blockchain will continue to grow and expand. This could prove in the end, to be the most important Canadian startup ever.  I think we have only seen the beginning of where this platform will take us and I will continue to follow the progress very closely. To learn more about investing in ethereum in Canada, you can read our article HERE.

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