Hey guys, I’ve been on the entrepreneurial circuit for a while now – 8 years to be exact. From being one of the youngest entrepreneurs to have raised VC money in India to seeing an exit and a front-page mention in Yahoo , TechInAsia, etc, I’d say it’s been a long (and exhilarating ride).

There are a few things I’ve learned over the years, specifically when it comes to SaaS (and being an ). Bloomsbury, the company that published Harry Potter, is publishing a book on my experiences in the space, called Pajama Profit:

The book is hopefully going to be useful to a lot of people out there, but I recently started an account to continue putting out what I’d call actionable advice/techniques (Gary Vee is great for motivational stuff, but rarely puts out anything tangible). I thought there was space for someone who put out more tangible growth hacking, marketing and fundraising and so I went ahead and made a channel for this: https://www.instagram.com/thevarunmayya/

Now while my now 40-man team and I have worked media channels to drive traffic to companies, we’ve never driven traffic to an individual before. I’m sure some of you do this day in and day out and have experience with this – I’m all ears!

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