The executive director of a retail fashion brand, Lifestyle International filed a complaint with the cyber crime and alleged that the of the chief executive officer () of the holding company has been .

According to the police, Vasanth Kumar of Lifestyle International received an email from Renuka Jagtiani, chairwoman and CEO of Group — a multinational conglomerate based in Dubai — asking him to transfer Rs. 1.32 lakh to a bank account.

He was reportedly told that a group of foreign delegates would be visiting Kolkata and the money was to be used to reserve hotel rooms for them. “As the mail had come from the CEO’s account, he followed the instructions and confirmed the same in his email reply,” said a police officer.

However, after he spoke to other executives about the delegates and checked on the reservations, he learned that no programme was scheduled in Kolkata and thus realized that the CEO’s account was hacked.

“We suspect that confidential information related to the company could have been compromised,” the police officer said.


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