A team of scientists and analysts at Telenor Research have argued that self-driving cars, , big and cryptocurrencies will be key in the market in . Following are some of the imminent technological trends laid out by the team:

media newsfeeds

With users posting less on , relevant information on newsfeeds has dropped, giving rise to paid content. Users are becoming more aware of ‘fake ’ that is seeping into their feeds.

Rules of agreement

The EU will update the General Data Protection Regulation in mid-2018 in several ways. Customers of any digital service are the owners of the data produced when using any service. The regulation strengthens how that data is protected for everyone, aiming to give control back to private users.


Blockchain is, by design, resistant to modification. However, this also brings about the challenge of diversifying its practical applications: to create more varied and usable blockchain-based solutions, developers need to be able to modify it.

Augmented reality

The ’s latest OS has built-in support for augmenting whatever its camera captures with additional information. It is said that there will be a surge in the number of apps with AR in 2018.

Additionally, the has been placed on top of an index ranking for the readiness of international governments for AI. Researchers at Oxford Insights say: “The is first in our rankings, reflecting its -leading centres for AI research and strong technology . Although the UK has great starting conditions for AI development, it faces stiff competition from other countries seeking to be top of the global rankings.”

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