For quite some time, people have been complaining that major such as YouTube, and Twitter have been making really bad/stupid decisions regarding managing their content for users.

For example, people say YouTube does a really bad job when it comes to flagging videos for inappropriate content or violating copyright or something. Another example would be that YouTube doesn’t show you new videos from your subscribed YouTubers in your feed somehow.

Whatever the complaint, the common denominator of all of them is that [major site] is [any adjective that describes stupidity and incompetence].

To my knowledge, the that is making those “bad/stupid decisions” are done by . Are people aware of this when they complain? If they are, I would expect them to at least be patient because given enough time, the algorithm will become enough to get the job done. It just seems like they don’t know that ML is a thing because they say [website name] is stupid for doing what it did.

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