I’ll be honest, Dell wasn’t at the top of our list of must visit companies at this year’s CES, but the PC stalwart is actually showcasing a couple of interesting new products at the show. On the software front, connect is a free offering that will be bundled with all new Dell computers.

The application delivers mobile notifications to the via Bluetooth. It’s a bit like some of the functionality offered up by Cortana on Windows or Notification Center on macOS, only it doesn’t require you to sign into each individual account on the . The themselves don’t need to be approved by Dell, either. As long as you can get a notification on your phone, you’ll see it on the screen. 

The only things it does require, in fact, are a new Dell computer and a smartphone within Bluetooth range. The company gave us a demo of the at our booth, and the system performs as advertised, popping up a small notification box in the upper righthand corner of the screen. (Disclosure: the shipping version works with Bluetooth, but this demo was hardwired, due to the crazy wireless pollution as a show like CES.)

From there, you can respond in a dialog box or clickthrough to a mirrored image of your phone’s screen. That’s a fun little added bonus — if you have a touchscreen, you can actually navigate the handset straight from the desktop, making it possible to play mobile on the bigger screen.

The Dell rep rans us through a bunch of different scenarios, like getting a call, fielding an Instagram notification and ordering an Uber. Notably, Dell says the application will work with both and , by way of a mobile app.

The functionality is set to arrive on January 27.

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