Today we announced that Amazon has awarded with the Amazon Web Services () Machine Learning (ML) . This designation recognizes Databricks for enabling data scientists and machine learning practitioners with tools to take their data, train predictive models and make predictions on new data. Attaining the AWS ML Competency demonstrates to customers that Databricks has validated expertise in artificial intelligence () and ML on AWS.

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Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform provides a simplified approach for data science and data engineering teams to collaborate with business teams to their needs around big data analytics and AI. By reducing the challenges associated with AI adoption and deployment, Databricks aims to make this suitable for all businesses. Many customers have built AI and machine learning applications based on Databricks and AWS. Here is an example from Spark Summit, where McGraw Hill presents their machine learning program that they run on Databricks and AWS.



Databricks provides an easy way to enable your organization to fulfill the promise of AI and Machine Learning. You can get started today with a 14-day free trial at or stop by booth 634 at re:Invent for a demo.

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