by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Data Deposit Inc., is pleased to announce the release of its Cloud 018. The new platform includes the release of as a Service. The service will support the growing number of distributed ledger technologies plus deployment of private blockchains for multi-vendor business networks. The massive growth in public development has exposed some fundamental weaknesses, most notably scalability and performance. The requirement to integrate into multi-vendor business networks is driving the need for and private blockchains. The Data Deposit Box platform supports massive scalability, redundancy, governance and audit capabilities, which work alongside our eventual consistency technology to ensure data integrity at any point in time throughout the chain.”

The release goes on, “Data Deposit Box’s depth of experience with big-data for the last 15 years has positioned the company very well to expand into the Hybrid Blockchain industry. Our platform simplifies the development and integration required to implement blockchain technology into a business process and virtually eliminates management normally required at such massive scale. At the core of blockchain is data integrity. Regulatory challenges like Legal Hold (SEC 17-4), immutable objects, life-points, WORM (SEC 17a4), non-erasable and Content Integrity Seals are built into the core product and have matured over years of development. Management challenges like single points of failure, expanding capacity and rolling upgrades without downtime have also been hardened over years. Erasure encoding set at the block level allows your business to design your desired level of data durability and service level agreements.”

Read more at Nasdaq.

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