I am looking at good Master’s programs in . I have researched quite a bit about US and found some of them quite good but I am very late to apply for programs starting by Fall . Are there any good programs I can apply to in ? Or are there any opportunities to work with a professor working in ML/DL or relevant as a short term project(6-12 months). I am an Electrical Engineering graduate from IIT Madras, India (my undergraduate academic record is average as the courses were never exciting for me except for the Math/stats courses) and been working in the for ~3 years in analytics/ML. But I am quite disillusioned with the quality of work. My reason to look for programs are as follows

-To improve my knowledge in the field

-To get access to quality jobs solving interesting problems in Europe/US ( I have kinda skeptical about quality work in India). I might even consider going for PhD but i am not sure about that

-To fulfil my dream of living in various countries (strong preference to Europe on this one)

I am completely lost at this point in life. The only thing I know for sure right now is that I want to learn and work in ML or related fields (My eternal love towards Math drove me towards developing an in this field). I would greatly appreciate any help from you guys


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