I’ve been reading ever more about Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), as a majority of my ML is already done on Google GPUs, and paid public to them aside from the Cloud doesn’t seem all that far off.

I would like to learn more about what to expect from working with a gen 2 , or more specifically it’s like working on the Tensorflow Research Cloud. I get the impression there’s some sort of non-disclosure agreement with researchers, for I assume commercial/competitive , as I see very little discussion about using them let alone editorials.

I know there was the benchmark paper they released for the previous gen, but it would be refreshing to at least see some current practical benchmarks on Resnet or GoogLeNet/Inception considering they already have sample code available for lucky TPU Alpha customers. I’m also wondering why that magic 180 TFLOP/s number quoted by Google purposely omits which kind of floating point ops they’re talking about

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