Hi everyone,I have been doing a career on Multimedia Engineering, basically I have studied a bit of everyting (Databases,videogames, networking, image and audio processing, web, front end, back end, apps) and of course some Stadistics, probability, physics. After all this I haven been really undecided to where I want to finally go as a profressional programmer.

A lot of people has talk to me about but not to much in deep but also I liked almost everything I heard about it. I had some project that I want to use for (I think the best idea to learn something is actually practicing with it) and its basically a way to suggest new music according on what you listen, basically like the Spotify Discovery Weekly.

Could someone recommend me some or some route I could follow to understanding it properly? Any link or book is welcome. I’m not afraid to go in deep, all the opposite I’m very motivated about this.

Thank you very much in advance 😀

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