Criminals are becoming more sophisticated with the passage of time and are now using their minds and keyboards to get what they want through crimes.

Though these type of crimes seem non lethal, they have the potential to create havoc.


To cope with the ever advancing malicious minds of cyber criminals, National Guards conducted a cyber youth exercise program, which was to train students to handle cyber incidents. Approximately 60 students as young as 18 took part in the exercise.


The National Guards intends to expand this program throughout the state of Ohio. This is because cyber attacks do not only harm individuals, but governments as well.


The purpose of this mission is to foster and prepare today’s generation, so that they may become the cyber security experts of tomorrow.


Columbus State Community College also hosted a practical event named ‘Capture The Flag’ in which of different high schools and colleges attempted to hack into other systems while safeguarding theirs.


According to Major General Mark Bartman, adjutant general of the Ohio National Guard, the opportunity is provided to the students to understand and learn several types of computer languages, network scanning, coding, password hacking, forensics and reverse engineering.


On a whole this platform grooms the young generation and makes it possible for students to learn ‘real’ cyber security skills.






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