December 10, 2017

In our latest podcast, Blockchain celebrity, Nathan Williams, graced us with his presence in this episode after his latest Competition win and Tv appearance. Neal digs into the latest correction and smells Future Contracts fear and uncertainty influencing market behaviour.

IOTA perks the attention of both Neal and Nathan after their recent price spike. The technology looks interesting, but potentially the valuation is too high based on their progress to date. Neal and Nathan analyze the influence of the IOTA community on hyping the potential and valuation. Neal highlights the need for third-party (links below) to help analyze various cryptos, but hype rather than seems to influence crypto price in .

Finally the Crypto Kitties bug hits Neal, who gives his early impression of the game, and discusses the potential for a crypto-game boom.

Links for today’s discussions:


Talent Unleashed award that Nathan won:


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Blockchain Mining Profitability:

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