As a business owner, have you ever wondered how you can make more money, fast? Sometimes funds need a boost and an injection of cash can promote sales and revenue so that your business can become more viable and profitable. Perhaps you need to upgrade equipment, buy stock, move into larger premises or employ extra staff.

Raising this kind of money seems like an impossible task until you research the number of creative ways you can make a fairly substantial amount, fairly easily. This article aims to highlight creative money-making ideas you could try today!

Apply for

Often grants, awards, and loans are offered to businesses to help with startups, growth, and expansion. Research what is available in your local area and apply! You will never know if you don’t apply in the first place whether your business will be eligible.

Sometimes applying for a loan is the only viable option, especially if you need a fairly substantial amount of money. Ensure you research providers carefully in order to get the best deal. Some loan providers specialize in commercial real estate loans and will have the expertise in providing advice on your individual circumstances.

Become an online market trader

Online financial trading has now become accessible to all and is potentially very lucrative. At first glance trading on the financial market may appear to be a daunting prospect, however, there are many online resources now, which will guide you through the process. Most online trading platforms also allow you the opportunity to practice trading before parting with any real funds.

unwanted items

Most people have lots of potentially lucrative items within their homes and work environment, that they no longer have use for. Instead of leaving these items languishing in corners and cupboards collecting dust, list them on an auction site, such as eBay and make some cash! Pretty much everything sells, so there is a potential market for even the most unlikely of items.

Selling unwanted items is also therapeutic as it creates space. If your business has any office furniture or equipment no longer in use, it could potentially provide a much-needed cash when sold.

a side hustle

Depending on your business sector you may be able to create funds by offering a service “on the side” by selling your skills such as web design, freelance writing, software development or computer repairs. This could be done in your spare time and on weekends to create funds.

Often people enjoy creative hobbies, such as arts and crafts and gardening. You could consider selling the items you make or offer gardening services.

If you are proficient in a number of languages, there is a great skills shortage of multilingual interpreters, this could be a potentially lucrative side hustle if your skills fit the bill.

Beg and borrow

Often friends and family are very happy to help out by offering funding for short periods of time. It is sometimes very difficult to ask, as it can feel as though you have failed. If you don’t ask however, no one will know that you’re struggling. Work out repayment terms and ensure that you stick to the schedule.

You could also consider crowdsourcing as a funding option, where strangers offer small amounts of money as an investment into your business. There is plenty of advice and information available to research your options.

This is just a snapshot of creative ways to earn money, there are many other options available.

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