The crypto-community is not short of colorful characters who want to overthrow the accepted way of doing things. But Amir arguably stands head and shoulders above the rest. The self-proclaimed recently broke cover to talk to Quartz about the current state of Bitcoin and his ‘Polytechnics Institute’ to train ideological hackers in Barcelona.
Let’s Get up to Speed
29-year-old Taaki got involved in Bitcoin as a programmer in 20 and soon became an influential voice on the scene. His expressed his disdain for the government through work on projects such as the ‘untraceable’ Bitcoin, Dark Wallet, and Dark Market, an -proof Silk Road. His collaborator on these projects, Cody Wilson, achieved infamy with his 3D printed guns.
In 2015 he disappeared without warning, resurfacing in 2017, having fought ISIS in Syria. He had been fighting on behalf of Rojava, who planned to create an autonomous state based on anarchist political philosophy. He saw bitcoin as the perfect fit for the currency of a revolutionary nation following anarchist ideology.

The Journey Home
One of the triggers for Taaki to leave Rojava was the Craig scandal. He says:
Satoshi is a . He might not …

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