Hi all,

I’d like some takes on a job situation. I’m currently a consultant (think D/A/IBM) nearing my first anniversary with the firm.

I’m pretty dang satisfied with my experience, to be honest. Some days suck but I love my team and feel good about the skills and experiences I’ve developed on my resume in such a short time.

That said, I have a nagging interest in startups (worked on one in university and loved it) and recently started thinking about my next step, aiming at a to a big tech (Longshot) or after a year, 18 , or 2 years with my firm. I threw a few feeler applications out there towards product manager type roles in post series A startups to guage the interest I’d receive back.

I ended up hearing back from a post-series B startup who wants me to interview for a role called “Strategy and Engagement Manager”.

Essentially the company provides software to healthcare providers to help them utilize more effectively. This role works with the customer in a consultant like fashion to solution the software to fit client needs and then ultimately goes back to the dev teams etc and helps manage the completion of the work.

Honestly, this is fairly similar to my work now, though I work for one huge client and dont have as much of the sales element, to my estimate. I checked on LinkedIn and the others in this role are almost all former consultants with healthcare exp (like me, but with more experience and fancier undergrads).

Basically… What do you think? My key concern is trajectory… I’m not exactly sure what this sort of role will be put me on and how that will compare to my within my firm (which is stable and I’m largely happy with). But if I know that my long-term ambitions lie in StartUpLand, maybe this is a good opportunity to make the leap I’m eventually going to make anyway…

Here is some more info on the new role:

Strategy & Engagement Manager Salary: 70-0K Equity: .01-.03% (via options) NYC location (50% travel)


Weighing whether I should leave my current gig with a large firm where I’m generally happy for a similar role in a startup environment with more uncertainty but potentially more excitement. what you think.

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