Ringing someone using a landline? Old school. Text messaging? Retro. Skype video calls? What is this, 2008? No, the future of digital communication is much more advanced than such old fashioned technology; the future is most definitely communication using augmented reality (AR). As such, is here to pave the way for the future of AR chatting – or so they hope.

Snaappy claim to be the first and only mobile application to seamlessly combine AR with a commincations platform. A bold claim, one I’m sure Snapchat would like to have a word with, but Snaappy is nevertheless boastful and confident with its claims.

Using Snaappy, you can express your emotions digitally with animated characters, just by placing them on texts, images, audio clips or videos. You can even see what your and family are typing in real time, so there’s no delay in seeing messages – a dangerous feature, to be sure.

Snaappy’s website certainly talks the talk, and even features multiple five star reviews from users, which have insightful anecdotes such as; “Awesome! Cool! Love it!! You don’t need to wait for some to send the message… You can watch him typing literally!!!” from Ashish Dodaman, and; “Its an awesome, cool freaking app! U guyzzz are awesome.” from Aryan Motu.

Snaappy has multiple characters for you to use in your messages, which for some reason all look like the same slightly scary . We have Snaappy himself, the main , Scott the Cat, Snaappa – that’s Snaappy’s girlfriend, obviously – and Lola, who also looks like Snaappy, but is a “glamorous beauty and true society hostess” so that’s a thing.

Below you can see the trailer for Snaappy in action, where you can see Snaappy and his pals sort of dance about in real places using the magic of AR. At one point he even seems to be hustling some fools in an alleyway with some cups, so he’s certainly enterprising.

You can download Snaappy for iOS and devices now, but a version is in development too. Let us know what you think of Snaappy in the comments below, and stay on VRFocus for everything on Snaappy and his pals.

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