Building a customer friendly, visually stunning, feature-rich app or website for your business should not cost you fortunes. If you have no considerable prior experience in or Android, iOS and apps, you can still create that app you’ve been thinking about easily with the right tool.

CloudScript makes the process possible for everyone. CloudScript is an online app development studio. It’s easy to use for beginners and powerful for experts.

CloudScript is perfect for small and medium-size businesses who need a quick and effortless way to build software such as inventory and assets management, communication, booking, scheduling. It’s easy for beginners who want to learn how to and limitless for enthusiasts who want to create the next big thing.

CloudScript allows you to write complex algorithms without having any prior programming experience thanks to its visual scripting system and its dynamic contextual documentation.

Large teams can easily work on a project without having to worry about synchronizing modifications. A simple press of a button will publish any changes made and have them available to use instantly. The software is already in Alpha and apps built with it are already being used by multiple companies.

Apps built with CloudScript

OrderIn: Online ordering platform built entirely with CloudScript
GeoDispatch: State of the art dispatching software built entirely with CloudScript

Funding will be used for and hiring people to advance the project to the next level. CloudScript will be marketed as a subscription-based hosting service for your apps built with the editor. Since everything is in the cloud you can resume work on your CloudScript project from any computer in the world. Collaboration tools allow multiple people to work on a single project without conflicts.

CloudScript apps run on every platform: Windows, Android, Chromebook, iOS, Mac and Smart TVs.

To learn more about CloudScript and support the app, check out this Kickstarter page.

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