Cinder takes a Tinder-like approach to clean your contacts on iPhone Free, for iOS

Many of you may have built up your contact list over the years – transferring details from one phone to another as you upgrade.

If you’re like us, about 50% of those must have become outdated. The problem is the time it will take to it all up. Cinder takes a Tinder-like to your contacts – you swipe left to mark something for deletion and swipe right to keep it.

Confused? Don’t be. Once you install the app and grant it permission to phone contacts, it shows you a clean interface with just one contact per card. Swipe the card right if you recognise it and swift left if you don’t. Swiping left won’t immediately delete the contact either. It marks the contact for deletion. You can review all marked contacts in a list and remove the ones you don’t need.

The app is free and there are no ads either. We haven’t seen an easier way to prune old contacts from iOS before this.

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