The craze for watching videos, along with from Reliance Jio, is driving the usage for -streaming apps in , with a majority being Chinese apps.

Indian users’ willingness to create, consume and share video content in their regional language is the common thread. Almost all are modelled as localised, vernacular versions of popular media .

Everything from political jokes to current keeps doing the rounds on these apps, which look like an ersatz version of Instagram.

Users range from migrant workers, artisans, aspiring singers, dancers, pastry makers — all of them broadcasting their lives over these apps, while being of anywhere between the age of 9 and 17+, going by the description on the App Store.

Aside from the livestreaming, these apps add a layer of interactivity — stickers, face filters and digital gifts. In some cases, users share live events and even movies, to communicate with each other.

Chinese video apps climb the wall to India

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