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Implementing Google’s refreshed modal bottom sheet – Halcyon Mobile
This year’s Google I/O introduced an improved version of Material Design to the curious public in Mountain View and across the globe. With…
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At Google I/O this year we saw the introduction of Firebase MLKit, a part of the Firebase suite that intends to give our apps the ability…

For context — see the previous post I wrote about Moshi’s new Kotlin gen support. This blog is a somewhat technical, mostly personal…
Helium is a Model-View-Presenter (MVP) Framework, written 100% in Kotlin. It helps structure code by providing base classes with clear responsibilities, and accelerates building apps by providing ready to use components.
I was taking a look at the to find out some new components from the so called “Material Design 2″ and found out that the…

We prepared for you Kotlin Cheat , so you can have the most important elements close at hand!

To support publishers in meeting their duties under this policy, Google offers this Consent .
This session will cover the new features in ConstraintLayout 2.0, as well as the latest functionality added in Android Studio design tools, highlighting how …
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Information you can retrieve about tasks that the user has most recently started or visited. 
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