Self post: "What will work look like in the future?"

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Case Study: Automatically Training a Classifier with OptiML

This blog post, the second in a series of six posts exploring OptiML, the new feature for automatic model optimization on BigML, focuses on a real-world use case within the...

New technology uses mouth gestures to interact in virtual reality

Researchers have developed a new technology that allows users to interact in a virtual reality environment using only mouth gestures. Source link

[N] Open science: data from largest meta-analysis of antidepressants available

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Fake NIPS 2018 website

Just got an email to watch out for the fake NIPS website: The real website is (and always has been): submitted by...

Instagram won’t comment on rumored video calling feature

Instagram copied the ‘Snap’ and now it might be going after the ‘chat’. A video calling feature was spotted in a non-public version of Instagram...

Tailgating doesn't get you there faster: Study

We've all experienced "phantom traffic jams" that arise without any apparent cause. Researchers recently showed that we'd have fewer if we made one small change to how we drive: no...

[N] Google announces TPU 3.0 : MachineLearning

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Machine Learning/AI learning path for High School Students : artificial

Welcome to /r/artificial /r/artificial is the largest subreddit dedicated to all issues related to Artificial Intelligence or AI. What does AI mean? Find out here! Guidelines: All submissions are moderated through "collaborative filtering"...