Displaying WordPress Recent Posts of a Specified Category

Generally, the WordPress recent posts are displayed in the descending order of the date of publishing. This recent list of posts can be of any category under which it is posted....


Add User Email Confirmation to Your Laravel Projects

If you want to add an email verification step to user registration in your Laravel Projects, Marcel Pociot has a new package aptly named laravel-confirm-email. New users are required to...


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#SQL Hashbytes compatible code in C#

Home > Uncategorized > #SQL Hashbytes compatible code in C# #SQL Hashbytes compatible code in C# The SQL function hashbytes allows you to hash strings directly in the database; by using something such as; select...

Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on Ubuntu | dotnet

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What Is ML.NET

Are you a .NET developer? Want to bring machine learning into your applications? Here is a good news. Microsoft recently open sourced its machine learning framework that is available...

Chocolatey Community Feed State of the Union

tl;dr: Everything on https://chocolatey.org/notice is coming to fruition! We’ve automatically tested over 6,500 packages, a validator service is coming up...