Capacity Management Goes Straight to the Bottom Linw

A key result of implementing a process within an organization is the return on investment () that results from the effort. Face it – if an organization doesn’t save money (or spending money), then the CIO and other senior won’t be interested in the effort.

Watch our webcast: The Changing Landscape of Capacity Management for the Mainframe

At one of our financial services clients, the Capacity Manager has been dutifully tracking the cost savings and “money not spent” for the past few years. The numbers are staggering, and show how important a formal, mature Capacity Management process is to an organization, no matter the business and no matter the size.

Our latest case study, ROI for the CIO: Capacity Management Goes Straight to the Bottom Line puts some of those numbers out there and also shows very clearly why starting or maturing a Capacity Management process is so important.

In addition, you can learn about how organizations have begun to review, evolve, and mature the CM process to keep up with the demands of today in a where the mainframe continues to be an integral cog in an enterprise’s IT environment. Watch the webcast now!

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