Hi, my friend asked me to ask because he doesn’t have enough karma to post himself: if he hires a guy for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, can he also ask the guy to make cold calls to customers to generate sales?

The is a service company for big capital equipment in hospitals like MRI machines. They also used/new equipment directly. They operate in most states across the US. He wants to generate as much sales as possible in the beginning to sustain the business. My concern is that he wants to make the QA guy’s bonus directly based on making cold calls to customers to machines.

The focus is for the QA guy to call customers who have old machines, talk about their end of life, tell them the machine will become more difficult to service, and then suggest either a new or used machine.

I understand in most startups, everyone wears multiple hats and do different job roles. But this is QA/RA, which is supposed to be independent and not be driven by sales. Are there any legal issues here for a service and sales company in healthcare? I don’t know enough about law in this area regarding the Food and Drug Administration or anything else.

Thank you

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