We are evaluating some fresh ideas that we have been working through over the past few – one of the most intriguing ideas for us has been /Bots in the . As a web dev agency, we have spoken/worked with city government entities who are interested in the idea of AI/bots in their workspace, especially with interacting with the general public – from an education standpoint and from a processing standpoint.

Most of the requests have been positioned in a way that could be manipulated into a potential SaaS opportunity and creating a “middle” to make that bot development more intuitive and “smarter” for city government management. All of that said – Is this local government a place where a can play in? With B2C/B2B , you can sort of find those few initial winners and slowly build up, but it’s usually at a lower price point and with less “red tape” at the start. Just curious if anyone has had experience in this area and what they have noticed from the initial goings.

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