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The number of IoT smart objects is projected to grow from 2 billion in 2006 to 200 billion by 2020, generating a staggering amount of data and stimulating tremendous business opportunity for companies across a wide range of market verticals.* Now is the time for organizations to position themselves for success.

The 3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum, July 10-11, 2018 at the World Trade Center in Portland, Oregon features two days of focused networking and information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. This third edition brings together leading innovators, business executives and professionals to examine the latest advances and applications for commercial and industrial end users across sectors within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere.
Industry executives, practitioners, and developers are invited to submit proposals to speak or organize a discussion panel by Friday, April 13, 2018 to
Topics to be addressed include:

Area 1: IoT Business Models, Trends, and Strategies for Deployment

• Applications of sensor data to generate value in specific business environments
• Success strategies and business models for emerging IoT applications
• Measuring IoT value and maximizing ROI
• Implementation case studies and lessons learned across industry verticals
• Utilizing IoT technology to move existing business operations and models to new levels
• Collaborating and integrating across ecosystem partners and technology providers

Area 2: Enabling IoT Technology Advances

• Progress in IoT interoperability and integration across devices
• Big Data frameworks for IoT
• Sensors: technology and developments
• Architecture systems for IoT pervasive sensing and data sharing
• Embedded systems and embedded devices in IoT
• IoT platforms and software advances
• Current R&D, experimental and pilot IoT projects
• Semantic web, IoT, and the evolving next-generation Internet
• Cloud computing, wireless sensor networks, and communication advances
• Standards and control system technologies
• Storage of scalable high-volume IoT data
• Software-defined networks and IoT
• Edge cloud for IoT

Area 3: IoT Security and Privacy

• Artificial intelligence to support security in IoT
• Data security and personal information privacy
• IoT security threats and solutions
• Device and communication protocol security
• Securing the Cloud
• Convergence of cyber systems, physical systems, and humans
• Holistic and integrated strategies to addressing risk

Area 4: Consumer IoT, Wearables, and Impact on Society

• Designing human-focused IoT applications
• Latest developments in consumer electronics and wearables
• The human-machine interface
reality systems
• Connected home entertainment devices
• Connected cars
• Enabling next-generation wearable devices
Area 5: IoT Smart Buildings, Connected Homes, and Smart Cities

• Designing human-focused IoT applications
• Smart products in the Connected Home and the role of IoT
• Network and network protocols for smart city, building, and home IoT applications
• Law enforcement and public safety applications
• IoT in building management and automation systems
• IoT for enhancing citizen engagement and interaction
• Smart City IoT case studies and pilots
• Urban ICT advances
• Aggregation of Smart Homes into Smart Communities

Area 6: Industrial IoT: Applications in Manufacturing, Commercial and Retail Environments

• Industrial IoT advances, impacts, and case studies
• Improving performance and optimizing digital operations via IoT
• Role of IoT in increasing Big Data impact on manufacturing
• Industrial process control and production monitoring
• Workforce communication, coordination and data sharing
• Productivity and quality assurance advances
• Developing agile and flexible production processes
• IoT and corporate IT systems
• IoT industrial automation
• Emergence of the Smart Factory
• Augmented reality, wearables, and industrial IoT
• Teleoperation and smart robotics

Area 7: IoT in Transportation and Traffic Management

• Smart parking
• Electric vehicle and public transportation applications of IoT
• IoT smart charging networks
• Traffic monitoring and flow management
• IoT in intelligent street lighting
• Smart tracking (cargo and transport)

Area 8: Climate Control, Waste Management and Environmental Monitoring

• Improving the performance of water plants and networks
• CO2 emissions and pollution monitoring
• Natural disaster and emergency notification applications of IoT
• Agricultural IoT and irrigation management
• Water metering and leak detection


The Forum is intended for business leaders, technology experts, and growth strategists who are looking to leverage the rapidly evolving IoT opportunity. This includes:

• Technology developers, designers and project managers
• Entrepreneurs, senior executives, and business strategists
• IoT hardware and software vendors
• CIOs and IT professionals
• Commercial and industrial business executives
• System integrators and consultants
• VC investment and financial professionals
• Public policy, regulatory, and government representatives
• Academic researchers and university professionals
• Internet service provider, networking and communications companies
• Consumer electronics and computing companies
• Start-up firms and incubators

The Innovation Forum is a unique opportunity to share IoT insights and strategy with professionals across a range of market segments, including Smart Building / Home Automation, Smart Energy, Consumer Electronics and Connected Living, Smart Cities, Environmental Monitoring, Intelligent Transportation, Medical and Health Care Systems, and more.

About the Organizer

The Smart Grid Observer ( delivers the latest and information concerning key technology developments, business drivers, and market trends in the smart energy industry.  A sample of organizations who have participated in recent SGO events includes:

AT&T • Verizon Wireless • GE Digital Energy • Cisco Systems • IBM • Alcatel-Lucent • Capgemini • CTIA • Siemens • Lockheed Martin • ComEd • KT • Fujitsu • Gartner Group • Georgia Insitute of Technology • UCLA • Illinois Institute of Technology • Intel • Ericsson • Schneider Electric • Johnson Controls • Goldman Sachs • Samsung • Panasonic • S&C Electric Company • Southern California Edison • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory • University of Colorado • NEMA • San Diego Gas & Electric • Symantec • U.S. Department of Energy • Waterfall • VaasaETT Global Energy Think Tank • ConEdison NY • STMicroelectronics • SRA International • National Instruments • Oncor • SatCom Global • Integral Analytics • ABB • Eaton • Emerson • U.S. Department of Defense • and many others

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