Last month discovered that they could use to easily bypass government censorship and get back online and use social media . I did a write-up about it in my previous blog post.

TLDR: Government of Cameroon blocked access to two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. A local leader and my blog reader, Godwill Tetah, asked me to build a custom version of Browserling for Cameroon so that they could use social media and get back online. I created a service called “” and offered it completely to people from Cameroon so that they can use Twitter, or and any other blocked resources.

Today I heard from Godwill and my other new Cameroonian friends that the government has lifted the censorship and they have full access to all websites. I’m happy I was able to help Cameroonians at least a little bit to their Internet .

Go237 service and Godwill Tetah, local Cameroon tech leader.

Until next time!

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