Since the internet started being used by more people, more small businesses have been taking their products and wares online in a bid to grab consumers’ attention. The good is that this has worked and some companies have made billion dollar empires off the back of E-commerce. Just take a look at Amazon as an example.

So, chances are that you’ve already looked into setting up a website of sorts. But it’s important to remember that you can do a lot more online besides simply operating a store. There are other areas that could make you a profit that you should look into too! For now, let’s focus on social , and Instagram in particular!

Establishing an Instagram profile

Now, one place to start when it comes to making your brand increasingly visible online is social media. People have been making personal social media profiles for a while now. They spend hours of their time scrolling through their timelines, feeds, and other people’s profiles. However, a more recent trend in social media is businesses setting up professional accounts.

This makes sense – people are spending time looking at social media so you should get involved too! Place your products where potential customers are going to see them! Most platforms now have special options for businesses, allowing them to particular features that actively help to products.

Now, there are various forms of social media out there, but for visual assets promotion, we’d recommend focusing the majority of your efforts on is Instagram. This is because Instagram is a largely visual feed and when it comes to selling online, visuals are your main point of sale.

You can curate your feed, uploading pictures of your products and tagging individual items for sale. If you like, you can also post short videos to show your products in motion too. Now, to become noticed and trusted on Instagram, you’re going to need followers and likes.

The more followers and likes that you have, the more legitimate you seem and the more desirable your goods become. So how do you accumulate these? Well, the first steps are to ensure that your Instagram game is up to scratch.

Your posts have to be aesthetically pleasing and regular. Then, to get the ball, rolling, you can always look at purchasing automatic Instagram likes. These are indistinguishable from real likes and draw more attention to your page from real life customers.

As you can see, an app as simple as Instagram can actually hold a whole lot of potential when it comes to establishing your brand and exposing it to as many people as possible.

It’s designed for mass market use, so while you may not be familiar with it at first, it shouldn’t take you all too long to get to grips with the basics and you can constantly work towards improving your feed over time. Hopefully, this will accumulate plenty of followers and result in increased sales, which will, in turn, bring more profit to your company. Perfect!

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