Put together by artists, Game Developers, VR Enthusiasts, Startup Founders & experts.
is a platform dedicated to accelerate the growth of a Healthy, Diverse VR ECOSYSTEM. Through Events, Education, and Services in Hyderabad.

At Bonfire VR we talk about, program, share and demonstrate software, hardware, and ideas for the upcoming new wave of . Whether you’re a VR/AR pro who spends hours in the virtual worlds on a daily basis or someone who’s never seen a VR headset. Our meetups are for everyone. Each month we bring in experts and speakers from companies who are pioneering VR/AR. We also feature demos of VR/AR products crafted by local developers.

Whether it’s your first VR experience or you want to dive deep into VR development or you want to get around geeks to discuss the latest trends from the evolving of VR/AR, Bonfire VR is where you need to be!


The -up

The first meetup in Hyderabad was held on 06-JAN-2018. We bring you the latest news from the event.

Though it’s the first event among the plethora of events coming this year, the turnout and the enthusiasm to immerse into realm of reality is incredible. We were overwhelmed to witness such an enthusiastic participation from industry veterans to kids as young as 8.

For those of you who missed out, the well-planned agenda covered integral parts of VR/AR industry. Picking up from the vastness of the industry, available opportunities, tools (graphic and programming) to begin with and nitty gritties of crafting a perfect immersive experience.

Our upcoming blog post will cover further details on the event. Let’s hop on to the next edition of bonfireVR, in a fortnight’s time. Stay tuned to the meetup group for further updates.



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