This week, I spoke at the Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur and at Windays in Porec, Croatia and I had some very interesting discussions with the participants on the enormous potential of Blockchain. Blockchain has a lot of potential for organisations to improve their bottom line, but it also offers an opportunity to improve the state of our . Currently, however, the focus is predominantly on how blockchain can be used in the financial or how cryptocurrencies are used by criminals. This is a shame because blockchain has so much more to offer.

That is why Dr. Philippa Ryan and I have written a book on how Blockchain can be used for . Our book, Blockchain: Your and Our World, will be published in August in English and soon after in Chinese. As a little teaser, you can find the abstract of our book here, and if you are interested to be notified when the book is available, you can subscribe to my newsletter, the f(x) = e^x, here.

Abstract: Blockchain – Transforming Your Business and Our World

Blockchain is growing in importance. Increasingly, organisations are exploring what this revolutionary can mean for their business. Marc …

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