Bitcoin Exchanges

A directory of Bitcoin Exchanges servicing the world’s 20 largest
, as well as several international
(serving many countries) are now available on .org.

Helping People Interested in Bitcoin, Get Bitcoin

This new addition to the site:

  • Links to the Find an Exchange button on the Getting Started
    page and helps many of the new people entering the Bitcoin ecosystem via, get bitcoin.
  • Improves SEO for, because the site can now potentially rank very
    well for “Bitcoin Exchange” as well as other key phrases that include country
    names that are contained on the page (i.e. Bitcoin Exchange China, Bitcoin
    Exchange India, etc.).
  • Has unique anchor links for each country that people can share on media
    that will allow others to find the bitcoin that are available for
    their specific country.
  • Allows to focus the wallets page
    on wallets that allow people to maintain control over their funds
    (Resolving issue #1109,
    because custodial wallets that provide exchange services can be moved off of the
    wallets page to this new page).
  • Is also accessible via the Resources dropdown menu.

Questions, Comments & Feedback

Questions, issues, suggestions or feedback are always welcome on If
interested in contributing in this regard, please open an issue or submit a pull

Use Discretion when Choosing an Exchange

As noted in the above screen shot, Bitcoin Exchanges provide varying degrees of
safety, , privacy, and control over your funds and information. Perform
your own due diligence and choose a wallet where you will keep your bitcoin
before selecting an exchange.

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