Cyber experts, of late, have got wind of a dreaded
that can bomb an Apple computer or . The experts who are busy with an
extensive research have called it the text bomb that can crash these .

If these experts are to be believed the text bomb is a piece of
message linking a particular code of the bug and the computer or the iPhone crash
moments after the message is received. Restarting is an option to get rid of
the risk albeit it is not a viable.  
A software expert was said to have a post on programming site with
a link to the code. Later he withdrew it leaving the bug in question to Apple
for necessary step. But Apple remains mum on such suggestions to firmly deal
with the bug.
A school of experts has called it ChaiOS since it plays on “chaos”
and “iOS.” The security experts are equally concerned over the bug
and the mess thereof. They call it equally nuisance where the fugitives behind
this notorious network can pilfer sensitive data from a personal computer or iPhone
with ulterior motives and they might get access to one’s personal details.  
experts hope the software giant would update the cyber security cover in near
future to ward off the text bomb in the door step.

The bug is a grim reminder of the effective power bug three years
back which posed no less threat to the iPhones.


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