One after another malware seems to have compounded cyber much of the major concern for the cybersecurity experts these days. Now its to infect the cyber system.

 According to cybersecurity experts, a silent intrusion of the strong malware mine cryptocurrency of a smartphone which would result in DDoS attacks.

The software is no less harmful to the phones which put the battery on the heat within a couple of hours. 

But how? Here in lies the answer. After the infection, the phone cover is deformed and distorted as a result of the overload of the mining module and the traffic thereof.

The malware can easily infect the phone as soon as a user clicks on an ad of adult interest. Same can take place in the case of fake anti-virus software.

The cybersecurity experts maintain that the user of a phone finally falls in line after repeated notification and requests by Loapi on the screen.

Once the malware sets in for refusing the administrative rights, the window setting shuts down and the screen remains locked leaving the user in a deep dilemma. The moment the user starts downloading the anti-virus software the malware remains unmoved.

But how to get rid of it? The experts fighting the malware suggest the users download an app from the official stores and not to endorse any app from unreliable source.

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