We have a remote . Me, backend developer and front developer.

I was working with these guys separately for some time now, but only recently combined them in a “team” cause often task overlap and I would like them to coordinate their actions.

We use trello for task magement and discussions.

Question I have is if should I encourage their communication between each other? I’ve combined them in a team so they can discuss something without me involved (cause I am more of a UX/design person than a dev, though during past years I’ve learned a lot).

But so far all communication is going through me. It have been only a week though.

Do I have to tell exactly what each of them have to do (often I don’t know the best way), or can I give the task, design, description, some pointers of how I see it and than they will agree on what each of them will do so at the end their code will work smoothly together?

p.s. We are web dev team, not software dev team, but i am sure communication/management is similar.

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