Hi all, I have an incredibly ambitious/unachievable in hands at the moment in the startup I work at: we currently 0% rely on human interaction through selling, , and supporting to sell, and need to tweak all aspects of the process to allow for a whole human-less user journey, allowing for anyone to use our solution without any interaction.

I have a very short timeframe and very low budget to make this happen, requiring massive cooperation from every team in the company (, sales, onboarding, account , , and product) and with a tight budget I need to be as efficient as I can and understand where I need to outsource.

Is there any free which allows me to draw a project plan with very detailed timeframes? I want to build a plan which shows what I need to do with each team, and what deliverables I need by a certain deadline.

Basically I need a flexible/editable gantt chart which will be live and tweaked all the time. Is there any user friendly tool available online for free? (Something like Trello)

Thank you all!

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