;ve been trying to find a good Android that would automatically synch with my exchanges and provide me with information (in real time) such as current balance, percent chance of , total gain/loss, as well as last change, equity, percent change, total gain/loss, total percent change (since entering ) and average purchase cost of each coin individually (in USD, ETH, and BTC at least). I’ve been using Robinhood for the past year while trading stocks and I’m kind of surprised that there doesn’t appear to be a similar app for crypto that is as clean, intuitive, and comprehensive. I’ve tried Blockfolio, Delta, Crypto Tracker, and now on Cryptoport. I don’t want to have to input everything by hand, but it’s nice (tho not necessary) to have the option. And I wish the apps would automatically subtract trading fees to give the correct end balance depending on the exchange.

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