I7;ve been trying to find a good Android that would automatically synch with my exchanges and provide me with information (in time) such as current balance, percent chance of , total gain/loss, as well as last change, equity, percent change, total gain/loss, total percent change (since entering ) and average purchase cost of each coin individually (in USD, ETH, and BTC at least). I7;ve been using Robinhood for the past year while trading stocks and I7;m kind of surprised that there doesn7;t appear to be a similar app for crypto that is as clean, intuitive, and comprehensive. I7;ve tried Blockfolio, Delta, Crypto Tracker, and now on Cryptoport. I don7;t want to have to input everything by hand, but it7;s nice (tho not necessary) to have the option. And I wish the would automatically subtract trading fees to give the correct end balance depending on the exchange.

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