Which are the most actively used programming languages? Which website is used most often? What is the correlation in usage between the pages an ?

In this post, we will take a look at the activity on that became a significant part of development across all areas in, as well as, outside of Science: GitHub and StackOverflow. It doesn’t matter where developers are from or what their specific focus is, everyone uses these websites. Use cases are, for example, machine learning prototyping, preparation, operationalization as well as and development. We have StackOverflow posts and GitHub commits from open repositories from 1.8.2017 to 15.9.2017. The StackOverflow was downloaded from StackExchange and GitHub data was taken from Google Public Datasets using BigQuery. Firstly we will check activities on each website separately and afterward, we will look for correlations between the commits and StackOverflow activities.



Now, let’s look at the GitHub activity. 

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Bigdata and data center


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