Hey guys I wanted to give a little tip when having an idea/dream.

A couple of weeks ago I used to ask Reddit for on what to do with my money or opinions on ideas I had. I was 20 years old (still am) student with a daughter who still lived with his mother. Aside from getting a lot of great info, I’ve gotten many comments on how I messed up and my idea would fail and etc.

Now I know it is good to listen to all criticism but I want to tell people that you must be and believe in yourself. Yeah it’s cliche but trust me, that confidence is very needed when many voices are telling you otherwise.

I asked reddit fam about a water company I want to start and ways to make money. From what others were saying it was a bad idea and that I need to stop trying to be a entrepreneur while I have a daughter living at my mothers house. The comments got to me for a lil but I went with my gut feeling and knew what I had to take.

Now 2-3 later, Im still a student making enough money to move into a 2 bd apartment/condo. My main source of income is throwing events and my “side hustle” is using drop-shipping thru ebay. I have a couple of meetings with companies who are interested in my beverage company (don’t want to give too many detail on why kind it is) and they want to see where/how I want to take it.

To make the long booooring story short, I want everybody to know that listen to what people have to say but if you know you can do it and actually apply to it, STAY STUBBORN and believe in yourself! My daughter is 8 months and I was a FT student with no job at my mom’s house all embarrassed and stressed on how I am going to do it. Many might say it’s luck on how things are starting to roll so fast but they do not know the effort and how many sleepless nights there were.


Thanks guys!

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